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mini corn harvester maize harvesting machine corn reaper
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mini corn harvester maize harvesting machine corn reaper
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Product Description:

 High efficiency low damage rate Petrol/Diesel engine mini corn harvester

Introduction of mini corn harvester machine:
This machine completes a row of corn picking and straw crushing. Supporting a set of spike can be removed under the filling bag, stubble height adjustable, tension clutch work safety, small turning radius of small operation. The aircraft per hour of corn corn smelting a month of direct smashing, peeling skin is not clean, ear height of 60 cm above can be harvested, the higher the straw the greater the rate of light bar.

Advantages of mini corn harvester machine:
1: small size, adaptability, widely used in hills and mountains and other large corn harvesters can not pass the sporadic block
2: full-featured, picking crushed straw crushed into the field, etc., and almost the same function
and large corn harvester.
3: matching power, machine delivery.
4: easy to install and disassemble, really a car more use.
5: flexible operation, cutting crop height can be adjusted, turning radius is small.