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4G100 Rice Harvester Mini Grass Cutter Grainbinder
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4G100 Rice Harvester Mini Grass Cutter Grainbinder
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4G100 Rice Harvester Mini Grass Cutter Grainbinder

The SIHNO mini grass cutter with low price 4G100 rice harvester has a self-propelled mechanism. The local unit with the overall short, light weight, flexible, simple operation, convenient labor-saving, low-cut stubble from crops and the ridge spacing, etc. from the restrictions. Widely applicable in large, medium and small plot harvest crops, especially for the harvest of muddy land.

Features of 4G100 rice harvester:
1). Simple structure, only the motor and the reaper head;
2). Gasoline or diesel engine, good mobility;
3). Small volume, light weight, easy to operate;
4). Low energy consumption, stable performance, very reliable;
5). Suitable for big, midium and small fields, even the inconvenient traffic places;
6). Multipurpose, suitable for paddy, wheat, soybean, reed and etc.

Applicable crops like rice, wheat, barley, grain, paddy, soya bean, corn, stevia, pasture, nepier, reed, osier, forage grass, sesame, weed, oats, rape, chili, pepper, mint, willow, salix integra, silage, selfheal, alfalfa, leek, barbed skullcap, and some other stem plants.
Applicable places: plaint, hills, sloping fields, narrow and small farming land.